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>>caller: after his arrest, authorities cercis san francisco apartment and found drugs. a >> we found in the age a for ecstasy and the fifth couple of miles of methamphetamines. >> his office computers were also seized. the district attorney's office say the investigation if still ongoing and they cannot say if any of the communications involving drugs happened while he was on the job. at this time there is nothing to indicate that he was trying to sell drugs to students. faubus >>pam: the santa clara silver and has all fifth fifth let par know about the principles for
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rest. he has been put on on paid administrative leave. coming up, more reaction from presidents -- from parents chevron addressing a host of issues tonight. chevron says they now believe they know what caused if the refinery fire in august. fog thick smoke said more than 10,000 residents to area hospitals b.f. >> dan kerman is live in richmond with a news conference just wrapped up. >> first, let's talk about the refinery fire. >> election of on sf-man staff seventh theory if this for
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dealer said and did not get checked. here is what chevron had to say about the pipes the burst. >> there were 19 19 expansion -- examination points. >> the entire five with about 200 ft. off than they did if check off sections but not including death by fortune fifthfifth they say this type o pipe is more prone to corrosion now instead of inspecting segments they are inspecting the entire fight.
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the second topic is allegations and that chevron to " bypass the air monitoring flaring pollution and gas into the air. that they purposely bypass their monitors. chevron has absolutely denied that they did that on purpose. they say the pipe in question was here before the air monitor sphere they say they were not aware that the pipe was not connected to the quality monitors. it is chevron believe that there were 0.03% of the mission that went out on monitor during
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a three-year period of time. " federal investigators are now conducting their own investigation. >>pam: tonight, a community meeting will happen in about one hour. contra costa county official of the residents on the refinery fire investigation. we will have a live report tonight at 6:00 p.m.. new details about an officer involved shooting in san francisco that led to a series of protests and vandalism theory if story if on police department offices off as well as broken if windows and morris 3/5 on local businesses. it was this past thursday night that police say fan officer on the gang task force shot a known gang member. he has been identified as this man. police believe he was in san francisco to retaliate fear
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recent homicide. he was shot three times by the officer and in this in the hospital with no life-threatening injuries. the san francisco police chief says the suspect was heavily armed at the time of the shooting. fan at this town hall lease fit are addressing an officer involved shooting in the mission district 3/5 san francisco police chief and other officials provided details about what they have learned so far. >> they came across the suspect to my right, a recently kolff validated gang member. he produced a 9 mm tape 9 machine pistol loaded with 25 rounds. >> make no mistake. net is a murder weapon. that is not a weapon for self preservation or protection very >> those in attendance had a lot to say.
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>> we have the right to the the what these streets again. >> thank god that they got this for some of the street because we do not have to worry about another family going through what i have been for the last five and a half years. >> not everyone was pleased with the department's response. families anarchists are void have the ability to run lancet with no responsibility serious than i was for one moment the bushel as much as arf when innocent people are hard facts as they do when police officers are doing their job. they're impacting businesses that are just trying to make the mission and other cities a better place. >> a violent shooting in antioch leaves the one man dead this is video from the scene
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around 10:30 p.m. in the 1200 block of sycamore drive. investigators found the body of a 30 year-old. he died outside of this apartment complex. one resident shows us were able fired during the shooting stopped the exterior wall of her home. >> i was very scared city of sirte i heard a big shot, like a shotgun harry f. i went to check on my land this and then my husband told me someone with all the grass off, on the ground. if he was face down on the grass and then i saw his said if -- i saw his head loose police from the body over and there was a hole in his chest. my grandkids were crying because we heard everything. >>pam: into a police say there are following leads in the case
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however this half they have no motive for information on who is a false fulfill if famine a lawyer of oil is hall safe for half a fan the sale police say a man for the kidnap her from her fourth year if it happened at park five elementary where police said 25 roped off was arrested as he tried to take a young girl of of the campus. she was able to kick the suspect, escaped and get help but parents are upset that he was able to get on to the camp is very if >> is alarming the he was able to get on to the fifth year if >> detectives believe the same suspect is connected to other strange incidents at san mateo school classmate.
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from a scary situation for this oakland raiders wide receiver. he has been released from hospital and expected to make a full recovery. he did a big helmet the helmet hit yesterday. the steelers safety lead with his half off and drove him. he felt the ground. it gave a thought for 10 minutes 3/5 he suffered a concussion and a three defect. is that the night in a hospital. there was no penalty on the plate. a lot of people talking about this on facebook.
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three weeks into this season, is the officiating getting better or worse? like us on facebook and when the conversation. i will the reading some of the comments on the air coming up shortly. >> here is a live look outside from the golden gate. reduced visibility as the fog covering the bridge towers. the fog is merely refined to the coastline. the fog will stay with us into tomorrow morning but we will see sunshine again in the afternoon. temperatures the seven men in the '70s and '80s. temperatures are much cooler closer to the coastline tanks to the persistence of year if >>pam: coming up at 5:00 p.m., decision 2012 is heating up.
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how the president and mitt romney are using one another's words against each other. health officials are warning of a new stars like a virus, where the deadly respiratory infection has been down and, if he did not get your hands on an iphone 5, you could be waiting quite a while. the factory where they are made had to be shutdown when thousands of workers got into an all-out brawl. those stories and more coming up.
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>>catherine: the president and mitt romney are trying to hit each other where it hurts, trying to make most of the recent comments that the other has made. >> the obama camp had loved the recent fuss over the secretly recorded comments where romney appeared to dismiss more than half the population for not paying income taxes. this is politics, the tables have turned theory on 60 minutes on sunday, the president described the recent unrest in the middle east as bombs in the road. >>president obama: i a.m pretty certain and continue to be certain that there will be bombs in the road because in many places, the one organizing ve said as long. >> he said the developments in the middle east are bombs in the road. >>catherine: and the obama
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campaign at over what romney said suggesting that americans without health insurance should consider the emergency room their safety net. >>robin: we do provide care for who did not have insurance. if someone has a heart attack, they did not sit in their apartment and die, we beat them up in an ambulance and taken to hospital. >>catherine: the clock is ticking. it is still a very close race although new polls show the president has an edge in three critical states. today mitt romney tried to explain that by claiming that the president is not fighting fair. >> he is trying to fool people into thinking that i think things that i did not. >>catherine: romney did not do himself any favors when asked about the fact that his wife's plan was forced to make an emergency landing this weekend. he said, the biggest problem in a case like that is that the windows don't open adding, i do not know why they do not do that.
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it is a real problem. >> it is too early to say if there could be an outbreak of the stars respiratory disease. world health officials are sounding the alarm of a new killer virus. british health authorities are alerting the web avenue respiratory virus and a severely ill patients from a car. he was sickened by acre rotavirus fact that causes most common colds but also causes scars car. in 2003, stars killed hundreds of people, mostly in asia, and a short-lived outbreak. if the 49 year-old patient had recently traveled to saudi arabia. the u.n. health agency says virus samples were almost identical to those of the 60 year-old saudi national died earlier this year. the world health organization is trying to determine the public's help up implications of the two cases but is not currently recommending any travel restrictions.
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>>pam: san francisco could soon be home to the tiniest apartments in the nation, how small? as small as 220 square feet which is ill less space than a 15 x 15 room. city supervisors are set to vote on the proposal tomorrow on whether or not to allow the tiny apartments. if supporters of the measures they will provide a cheaper option for many singles. critics argue that it would not help families and that it could make this city even more crowded. >>jaqueline: it is a pretty nice afternoon, temperatures in the '70s and '80s and a lot of sunshine. we are seeing it crystal clear skies. here is another look outside from the mt. tam cam. the fog is sitting right offshore and along the coastline, is set to push back as we move to the overnight hours. as we look ahead to tomorrow, morning fog and afternoon sunshine whatever is very similar to what we're seeing
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out there today. in a little bit of cooling and to wednesday but we will start a warming trend into the weekend that will bring temperatures '90s inland, not quite there on thursday. temperatures in the '50s and '60s as we head out of the door fed by noon, you can see the yellow on your screen representing '70s and '80s. 70's and 80's tomorrow afternoon with 60s closer to coastline. here is a look neighborhood by neighborhood. hoesch
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in the north bay a mix of 70's and 80's. sphere and look at your extended for kraft. >> in san diego county wildfire has fared in estimated 2,000 a. and now, firefighters say they have found one person dead.
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>> a chance -- here is a check on a monday traffic. heavy fog is covering the towers of the bridge and beginning to slow traffic >>mark: . coming into the city is also beginning to slow down a bit. we will be back with more news ahead.
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when an ad with high high of boyhood >> there was no penalty called on the plate. now, the controversy and non call is generating data on our face-to-face serious for loops is officiating getting better or worse?
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>>grant: and the iphone 5 is sold out. to make things worse, a fallout at the plant where the chinese manufacture the iphone 5 due to arrive. that is coming up in my tech report. >> behind me, you can see the giants playoff year. if you are registered in giants pla[ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom.
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call announcer: the kron4
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news starts and now. >>pam: the apple iphone 5 is sold out and the the plant in china which prshut down after a employee brawl. in the last few days apple has sold 5 million zero 5 million z supply could not keep up with demand. to make matters worse people who want the new phone could be waiting even longer. an employee right at the chinese company that makes apple products forced the plant to close last night.
5:31 pm
was >> at this and get this guy is out of control. you do not want to wait for an on-line order, ample storage are giving the most stock as they trickle in.
5:32 pm
your best bet to score one is from them, not the carriers or retail partners. my advice, call the apple store near you beads morning when the health and and see if they received the shipment. if so, get to the store as quick as you can. some >> if your adjusted in purchasing san francisco giants playoff tickets at face value, you have less than 24 hours to register for an on-line lottery in the last two hours we have learned that winners of the lottery have this been announced marketing. j.r stone as all of the story and joins us live from outside at&t park. >>j.r: this year there is no waiting outside, it is all on line at excitement is building for the giants. if you look in the window, you can see the postseason giants sweat shirts and post some of
5:33 pm
the playoff hats. few can also see some t-shirts. as for how on-line lottery works, if you put a deposit down for season tickets next year, he would jump to the front of the line. get a code that you can purc morning, if not, there is a chance to get tickets on face value, but there is a chance. >> there is such a limited inventory. >> everyone in this company that has 10 france has one of a voice mails.
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well >> the suspect was shot and killed at this location. investigators say instead of pulling over, he put the car in reverse and went after the police officers. the police officers felt threatened and opened fire on him. he died at the scene. this actually started a few minutes earlier as according to
5:35 pm
investigators there receive calls the shots being fired. it turns out that the suspect fired at least one shot at another customer. that customer was taken to hospital on life threatening injuries. the three officers that opened fire on the suspect have been placed on administrative leave. according to the public information officer but the hayward police department he says he does not believe that the suspect opened fire on the officers, but the fact that he hit it in reverse, the officers felt threatened and that is why he believes there were justified in shooting. >> long lanes of highway 680 southbound in pleasanton were shut down and a pedestrian was
5:36 pm
it and killed early this morning. around 3:30 a.m. the man walked onto a highway near the stone ridge road exit in was struck by two cars. there is no word on who the victim as why he was on the freeway. >> jury selection started today in the case of former san francisco crime lab technician accused of stealing cocaine from her place of work. investigators say this woman still cocaine back in 2009 and they also say that it may have contributed to the dismissal of hundreds of criminal cases which depended on evidence from the crime lab unit. if convicted she could eat these for years in prison. >>grant: we are profiling the bay area's most wanted suspects the end a $5 million arrest warrant has been issued. said francisco police are looking for this murder suspect they say he and another man killed a man on sunday, september 16th in the mission district near 25th street pier
5:37 pm
last week, police made one arrest in connection with the murder and now, there is an intense search going on. >>jaqueline: there was a very pleasant day out there today. temperatures from the mild side in the '70s and '80s troubled of the bay area. in the north bay, 82 in santa rosa, 78 and san rafael. our inland valleys are in the low-eighties. in the south bay temperatures in the upper seventies but staying cooler closer to the coastline because the fog bit later this ended. here is a live look outside from the bay bridge toll plaza. low cloud coverage but otherwise mostly sunny skies. the golden gate bridge, a different story. the fog has been lingering along the coast like to the afternoon. more on the forecast for the morning plus one we're going to
5:38 pm
see lower temperatures. >>pam: a check on monday traffic at the bay bridge, with a different picture than the golden gate a justice of the stock led. all lanes are moving well, no fog or no problem there. cut
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health and >>pam: stocks closed slightly lower on wall street today with fear about the european economy overshadowing recent excitement about health from the world central banks. the dow closed down a little more than 20 points at just under 13,600. the nasdaq fell nearly 20 points to 3000 wonders 60 60 in the as and he was also down today about three points. also today, apple stock fell
5:42 pm
nearly $10 $10, that is after missing sales targets set by analysts >> we are still talking about apple. cause selling 5 million iphones but still a loser? >> people were expecting a-10 million units to be sold. this is still the biggest launch ever. analysts just got it wrong. have they had more supply, the demand was there. it is a little disappointing but it will not that any chief in armor. >> i think it will be ok, still on track for 200 million this year.
5:43 pm
>>mark: let's talk about what happened with facebook. barron's said they do not like the stock. compared to google and apple, it is expensive. mobil is all about apps. google and apple dominate the apps, not facebook. >> let's talk about thick to liotta in the pre is. >> they have announced 23 hybrids which is a stunning new number. 21 new hybrids over three years an electric car later and a fuel cell vehicle. it's no words or details but that is the technology that many people are looking for.
5:44 pm
both >> i thought the emmys was a good show. >> paid television. time warner, you pay for quality television. he used to be free tv but now, i would say the big loser had to be amc because mad man became sad man. all of these companies are publicly traded. >> you can catch crop like most mornings on the kron4 morning news and comcast channel 93. >> the wrong president is taking aim at his usual targets during a visit to new york for the u.n. general assembly session. he is accusing the u.s. to shield and what he calls a faceless team in reference to israel. hough >> the security council has
5:45 pm
failed to establish justice and inshore sustainability and security in the cold. >> as president is going to address the u.n. somalia. here are scenes from his most leisure visit. among other things he will talk about the concern over the nuclear program and a kron. if them of the marines will court-martial two noncommissioned officers for allegedly urinating on the bodies of taliban fighters last year fell and afghanistan. they also pose wagner for photos with the bodies. they were based at camp lejeune.
5:46 pm
>> it has been a little bit cooler this afternoon. here's a live look outside of downtown san francisco.
5:47 pm
>> here is a look at your extended forecast.
5:48 pm
some are will be very similar to what we saw today. and wednesday, clark has the fog starts to spread into our inland valleys. >> this is into the kron4 news on, san francisco police are looking for a missing a 11 year-old boy. his name is in very good idea. he has been missing since friday and was last seen at an after-school program
5:49 pm
>> checking monday traffic headed toward the south bay and in san jose, highway 101, the headlights are southbound and all lanes are there moving quite slowly, some are not moving at all. looking at the san mateo bridge that is where traffic is slow is headed in a word.
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>>pam: french blockers are reporting that facebook users are finding their messages league and posted on people's wallets. facebook has investigated the complaint and has now deep on to these concerns explaining that people are seeing oil postings, not private messages.
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for $89 a month. and get the same great price for 2 years plus a total home dvr. and u-verse has more hd channels than cable, too. i want at&t. -me, too! -yeah! who wants to talk to a fireman? i do! okay. [ female announcer ] choose the bundle that fits your life. ♪ now who >>pam: what investigators say a cutoff of massive refinery fire in richmond. this, and the community meeting is taking off. hot fourth of the team cover serious factors create a new application that allows users to write muni free got all cars get away with it. it is a kron4 exclusive coming up at 6:00 p.m.. so, here is a live look outside from our roof camera. sunny skies and the fog is gointog return. since
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>>pam: the hacker at that could allow you to ride free on muni very high >> the elementary school principal in santa clara and charged with selling drugs. >> methamphetamines. >>gary: chevron says they have pinpointed the cause of last month's refinery fire. >> dan kerman is live in richmond with the new information. >>dan: we had a news conference from chevron a little over an hour ago. they believe corrosion in that specific i saw caused it to burst. let's take a look at video as we give you more information about the fire.
6:00 pm
this is what resulted when the pipes burst. it turns out that this type of pipe which is about to defeat long is a little more prone to corrosion. >> in november of 2011, in addition to inspecting numerous other piping systems, we expected the 8 in. system at 19 locations. unfortunately we did not inspect the individual components that field. >> they believe that as a result there will be able to track down other pipes that have the same frozen problems.
6:01 pm
again, they believe corrosion is the pinpointing of the problem. they are putting in an inspection program on these types of tides. >> chevron also responded allegations that the company's deliberately bypassed air monitoring equipment. >> as soon as we knew about
6:02 pm
the issue we adequately address it. >> chevron also maintains the amount of sulfur dioxide was close small then it was not a health concern. cox >> you are looking at video that you were sent me, this is video is making its rounds on the internet. apparently, there is a flaw in the clippers' system which hackers have exploited which allows people with certain smart phone derided muni for free. this video was shot in new jersey because they have the same system as a meeting with
6:03 pm
the same exact law. >> before you rush out and try to find the act, bad news.not h yet. it is only available on certain android phones like this one. this is the same technology that allows you to pay for parking with yourself on. of hikes
6:04 pm
off its >> do not get caught. if zynga
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>>pam: in man shot by police in san francisco lead to a series of protests and evangelization. vandals had spray-painted on a mission district police department of us as well as a broken windows and more spray paint on local businesses. it was this past thursday night when police say an officer on the gang task force shot at a known gang member. that gang member has been identified as of this man from richmond. police believe he was in san francisco to retaliate in a recent murder. he was hit twice by an officer in and is in the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. at a town hall meeting early today, the chief and members of the community talk about the shooting. >> this guy was in prison for trying to retract the shooting
6:06 pm
were a 15 year old boy was shot, caught in crossfire. again, i cannot say enough about my police officers and what they do, putting themselves in harm's way so that no one else gets hurt. as far as those that acted out, i wish they would show as much concern with innocent people are armed as they do when police officers are doing their jobs. fourth
6:07 pm
6:08 pm
6:09 pm
fourth >>jaqueline: here is a couple of live look outside. the san mateo bridge, clear skies.
6:10 pm
here is what you can expect into tomorrow. a picture of the golden gate bridge. sunny and warm conditions again tomorrow and even warmer temperatures this weekend. caught >> a santa clara and elementary school principal behind bars is accused of selling drugs. salmonella illness is led to a peanut butter recall at a major grocery store. yet obama and ronnie battle for key states.
6:11 pm
6:12 pm
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6:14 pm
>> sat and shock. that was the reaction of parents. >>pam: this letter was sent out to parents notifying them of the rest and letting them know at this time there have been no allegations of ill is engaged in illegal activity. the principal was put on on paid administrative leave and is being held in the santa clara county jail on 25 belt dollars bill.
6:15 pm
>> as the 2012 united nations gets under way this to happen in the iranian president is already making dues >>caller: the security council veto has failed to establish justice and ashore sustainable peace and security. >> a ride is facing international scrutiny. >> the issue could arise during his speech tomorrow. the president is also likely to mention the address in the muslim world. this morning, secretary of state hillary clinton talked about the assassination of the u.s. ambassador in libya and said the world will not tolerate mob violence. >> the people and got the send
6:16 pm
this message loudly and clearly on friday when they forcefully rejected the extremists in their midst and reclaimed the honor and dignity of a courageous city. >> the president it's yielding criticism for skipping bilateral meetings with world leaders of making time for an appearance on a daytime talk show. haugh >> last week he spoke with the president of egypt and a leader of libya, we do not need a meeting in washington just to confer with leaders. >>catherine: a mitt romney is trying to close the black kid in important selling stakes. if it is not debate time yet but mitt romney was looking for one foreign-policy and from a cloud and colorado. that is where he laid into president obama for describing the recent unrest in the middle east as a bombs in the road
6:17 pm
capacity there. >>president obama: i a.m pretty certain there will be bombs in the road because in many of these places, the one who has the principle has been islam. >> he said the developments in the middle east are bombs in a row. that was my reaction. cox and ambassador is that it is not above a row. but a job on bonds as a nice afternoon today. right now temperatures are in the lower 70's and the bradys.
6:18 pm
as we look ahead and do tomorrow we will see the fog overturned. the bauble clear rather quickly. by 10:00 a.m. it we should see mostly sunny skies. but thursday we will see a warming trend. temperatures remedies and '60s as you head out of the door to our morning dilemma south bay, 75 in mountain view, 81 cupertino, 35 in morgan hill.
6:19 pm
along the coastline we are staying in the '60s. upper 50s and places like half moon bay. >> here is a look at your extended forecast. very similar to what we saw today. into wednesday it will start to cool a little bit as the father becomes a more extensive into the weekend, clear skies and warm temperatures. remember, you can get your forecast any time on our 24-7 news channel, comcast 193. we will be right back.
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>>pam: and trader joe's is recalling peanut butter which may be linked to salmonella. there have been dozens of cases among multiple states. the recall was announced on the store web site on friday. health officials say there are no confirmed reports of contamination. trader joe's is offering refunds. the fda and centers for disease control are investigating the outbreak. she is accused of stealing cocaine from our place of business. investigators say that she sold cocaine back in 2009. they say that iraq may have to contributed to the dismissal of hundreds of cases that depended on evidence from the crime lab unit. if convicted sheesh could face four years in prison. san francisco officials are weighing changes to the city's building code that would allow construction of some of the chinese departments of the
6:24 pm
country. the city's supervisors are set to vote tomorrow. it would permit apartments as small as 220 square feet. supporters say it would provide a cheaper option in a city where rent has become unaffordable. critics say the units would not help families and could boost population density. we will be right back. vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools. today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento,
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they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight.
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>>pam: the iphone 5 has sold out in the plant that produces high hall had sold all. shahada cost
6:28 pm
[ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no, we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made.
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>> chevron inspected the 200 ft. tied back in november of 2011. it was inspected in 19 different locations but the 5 ft. of pipe that burst was not one of those locations. there are now putting in place and enhanced inspection program >>stanley: this video is making its rounds on the internet. apparently, there is a flaw in the clipper system which hackers had excluded. it allows people with certain smart phone derided duty-free serious this video was shot in new jersey says they have the same system as muni with the same flaw. it isn't time that allows smart phone users to charge the
6:31 pm
cards for free. eighth are aware of the flaw in our live before a fix. >> investigators here at the antioch police department are times to find who is responsible for this sunday night shooting death of 30 year-old maurice wagner was shot and killed in from of this apartment complex on sycamore drive. >> it sounded like a shotgun tariffs their little hole in his chest. if >> investigators say they're still trying to determine a motive in are following several leads in the case. >> san francisco police held a town meeting on monday to discuss a recent officer involved shooting. they say that this man is a known gang member and last week staff as a gang task force was in the mission district became across him and told him to stocks such instead, they say that he tried to pull out a
6:32 pm
weapon and that is one officer shot him three times. he is now in the hospital recovering from a non-life threatening injury. >> continuing with our coverage in san francisco, the chief of police will address the community in another meeting. the meeting starts tonight at 6:00 p.m.. the top of last week's officer involved shooting in the violence that erupted for tonight and the mission district. many storefronts, businesses and police stations were the targets of the vandals last week. those battles are suspected of infiltrating protesters who are in or about the shooting. local residents and business owners want answers and the chief will do his best to give it to them. i will have more tonight at 8:00 p.m.. >> in santa clara county in elementary school principal is behind bars for allegedly selling drugs. here, you can see louis during his first court appearance. authorities say he offered to
6:33 pm
furnish an undercover investigator with math and the date rape drug. they found the drugs after searching the san francisco apartment. computers at his office or also sees but at this time there is nothing to indicate that he was selling drugs to kids. the >> in tech news, the iphone 5 has sold out since the plant in china produces the new iphone has shut down. apple sold 5 million of the new iphones of the weekend. all scorers scott gaffes >> instead of this go, directly behind me, even the the giants. it is exciting time to be a giants fan. kraft cockpit
6:34 pm
there is an on-line lottery with a chance to be a fan to purchase of left it at face value. kraft >> cooler weather over the next couple of days of warmer weather in to the weakened. if along the coastline, temperatures did school deaths september crude will warm up inland as we head into the weekend. the march afternoon, 70's and 80's. costa
6:35 pm
cost >> to marled a similar debacle was thought to did your more sunshine at the close live an award to bearden and. the >>pam: the blue angels live on to buy deep, a part of the fleetweek festivities. we will bring all the sights and sounds.
6:36 pm
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
>> birtley lead singer from green bay is checking into rehab. he is taking a break from the stage to try and take a substance-abuse problem. that band announced that he is entering a rehab but did not go into any more detail. >> their september 28th concert has been put on hold. there's no word on whether his stay in rehab will impact the group's upcoming tour that kicks off in late november. >> arnold schwarzenegger is telling all in a new autobiography called total recall. it goes on sale october 1st. he talks about the infidelity
6:40 pm
that wrecked his 25 year marriage to maria shriver. even reveals that his wife confronted him during couples counseling. he says she waited until the day after he left office in 2011 to confirm her suspicions that he was a cheater with their housekeeper. he will do his first interview about the book this coming sunday on 60 minutes. there is no doubt that this memoir will be a hot seller. you can catch all of your entertainment news right here on kron4. on weekdays the insiders starts at 7:00 p.m. followed by entertainment tonight at 7:30 p. m.. we will be right back. >>pam: scientists say drugs that work against of. cancer can help in the fight against one type of breast cancer. the report was published online in the journal nature. while studying the genetics of breast cancer they have uncovered four major causes of the disease and there are working at their research will lead to more effective treatments. atm fees are rising to new
6:41 pm
levels as banks cut back on free checking accounts. the financial research firm says that atm surcharges rose 4% hitting a record high of $2. 50. it is the eighth straight year that these fees are up and the charges for using another bank's atms rose 11th%. the bank rate also found that fewer than half of u.s. banks offer free non-interest checking accounts. financial analysts say restrictions on overdraft charges in limits on its white fees from your debit cards are the reason for the changes. the 49ers stayed back east after suffering their first loss of the season. gary has that straight ahead in sports and in a date of a brutal helmet the helmet injuries suffered by their raiders wide ceiver. gary has those stories in this forthcoming of next.
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
>>gary: good evening. their raiders are the best
6:45 pm
football team in the bay area. everyone says the key to this season is getting this guy loose. this was a 64 yd touchdown. i do not know of the raiders can come back, but indeed they did. the oakland raiders got a one win and to losses.
6:46 pm
>> i would rather a tough when at home against a really good football team, i think it is a confidence booster for everyone we needed this one. >> the raiders in denver on sunday. the story of the day, darius hayward state lay unconscious on the field for 10 minutes before being carted off and taken to local hospital where he was kept overnight then, the news got better, he has been released after what is being called a concussion and a neck strain. they're even talking about him possibly playing on sunday. >> it was a scary steal.
6:47 pm
>>gary: if you need to play football to better position and live or make a wait for yourself in this world, god bless you, but if you have other options, if you are highly skilled at this and can make a living from it or get a college scholarship, fine. if you are second string, if you're getting beat up like this , that is just the nature of this board, you can get hurt playing basketball or baseball but the odds on getting hurt like they do in football sphere i a.m sure i a.m not alone.
6:48 pm
thoughtful cahow half kohen behalf netflix
6:49 pm
banesto warned and means and his right to heaven and in >>gary: when it last time a harbaugh team can also flat? he >> you are better than anyone else unless you prove it.
6:50 pm
>>gary: justin tucker kicked with the referees called the winning field goal. the deal is, once it goes over the top of the crossbar, you cannot review it, only if it is within this year. belichick was griping. >> i will not comment about that. talk to the league about the way the officials call the game we can only go out there and
6:51 pm
try to play the best we can. >>gary: my producer says the reason ballot check was yelling was because he did not know the rule. >>pam: does the nfl feel any pressure to bring back the officials? >>gary: i a.m sure they do. >>gary: if you look at something on your couch three-four times, it is easy to say, what are they doing? >>gary: i would say, but the real referee's back and i do not tell anyone. i bet people would still complain.
6:52 pm
koss >> the board is in gary's ego and a local song will both be on the giants postseason roster.
6:53 pm
>> kerry waffles' 11 weeks pregnant when she won her third olympic gold medal and a volleyball. she made the announcement today on the today show.
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools. today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight.
6:56 pm
at >>gary: we often ask who is the best player on alcatraz. this is a one on one event sponsored by rebel. rondo showed up, he was called the king of the rock. the guys are having fun doing their stuff. the winner
6:57 pm
[ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no, we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver. only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible.
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6:59 pm
our complete emmy coverage. >> the red carpet, backstage, it's always a good time. i'm brooke anderson. >> and i'm kevin frazier. >> "the insider" is on. >> "the insider" at the emmys. it's always a good time. >> especially with "the insider." >> "homeland." >> aaron paul. >> claire danes. >> what happened that cable now dominates the emmys? >> the stars weigh in on cable's crush. >> is there an unfair advantage? >> we can get naked. we can curse. >> cable's dominating, but it doesn't dominate when it comes to comedy. >> no. >> eric stonestreet. >> it's indescribable to hear your name. >> then, emmy's unscripted moments. >> unaired speeches. goofing around backstage and --
7:00 pm
♪ if you want to scream yeah >> it's "the insider" uncut. >> see the raw footage only this camera could capture in real time. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. >> the gigantic umbrella. who left in a wheelchair? >> the one nominee who was almost denied entrance. >> did we get that on tv? that's really embarrassing. >> plus -- >> look at that baby face. >> we take the stars back to their first tv appearance. >> look at how hungover i was. >> he's more handsome now. >> then, trending fashion. >> it's an extra large slit. >> we're breaking down what it costs -- >> to walk emmy's red carpet. >> i literally had to pry it out of someone's hands. >> and, we reveal the stars honey boo boo names. >> kennedy daffodil. >> jackpot karma? that's got a ring to it. >> i love it. this is jackpot karma reporting from the emmys. >> now, from hollywood, "the insider" is on.

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